Welcome to White Magick Alchemy, where the spirit of old world magick transcends with magickal offerings, handmade candles, gemstones, herbal alchemy and so much more. Each formulation a proprietary blending of ingredients from my own personal grimoire. Sacred oils, blessed herbs, natural crystals, resins, heartwoods and focused intent, bound together with all-natural organic alchemical ingredients with old world spirit.

A witch by nature, I love creating. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums whenever possible, that’s why you will find a myriad of different offerings in the shop. I have a strong connection, appreciation and love of animals, the earth mother, nature, and the forest. I feel a profound connection to the moon and fuse my oils and herbal blends under the moon at nightfall, by candlelight, where I can peacefully create my magickal items to share with you, drawing strength and creativity from her natural light and divine ethereal energy.

I am of Norwegian, Romany and Hungarian decent. My practice is paganism in the old world tradition. I don't pretend to be something or somebody I am not. Giving oneself the title of "witch" does not make one a witch, nor any other title. Neither does heredity, nor the collection of titles, degrees or initiations. A witch seeks to control the forces within herself or himself, thus making it possible to live wisely and well, in harmony with nature, and not harming others. 

We love all things mystical, obscure and sublime. Dark colors of black, deep purples, garnet reds and earth tones are splashed upon the walls of our sacred space which highlight a vast collection of large abstract canvas', gothic and medieval artworks, a large collection of natural crystals, vintage cauldrons, and fine old world art pieces that we have collected along our journey. And of course we always have an abundance of natural candlelight encompassing our space.

You don't have to be a witch, a pagan or wiccan to enjoy our magickal offerings. Our wares are here for everyone to embrace and harness, and we do so hope that you will enjoy and appreciate all of the many creations we have to offer and share to you here at White Magick Alchemy. 

We strive to craft and provide authentic, unique and original magickal offerings. Your satisfaction is of the upmost importance.

Magickal Blessings,

Nancy & Casey, Proprietors of White Magick Alchemy

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