Since 1969, Intuitive Counselor Sheila Ernst has been helping people unveil and discover the hidden aspects that lie within their spiritual body, both on a conscious and subconscious level.   

Over the years, I have received many messages from people seeking direction on what to do when faced with particular life situations. Setbacks, dilemmas, asking for recommendations on what to do to create change within their lives, via spell suggestions, instruction and what not. Although I can assist with simple spell suggestions, spiritual counseling really isn't my area of expertise. When it is on a deeper level, and you are in need of one-on-one spiritual counseling, Sheila is the expert. 

Which is why I have invited Sheila to join us here at White Magick Alchemy! Her vast knowledge in this area along with her comforting voice will soothe your spirit, and together, you will unlock the blockages that are preventing you from heightening your spiritual awareness. After your consultation with Sheila, if necessary, she will contact me with her suggestions and from there, we work together to create customized magical tools and instruction necessary for you to proceed with your magical workings.

"With the help of intuitive insight through Astrology & Tarot, I can connect you with your source.  I will show you where you stand in your circle of life and where you are heading. Together we will explore your deepest desires of who you want to be or where you would like to see yourself in the future. What do you need to discover? How do you begin the healing process? How to release that which is no longer serving you? How can we make your life rich in love, abundance and happiness? My desire is to help you find the best path to that destination."

The trinity of 3 is very powerful. Allow Sheila and I to work personally with you, and with all of us together, we will help you realize your fullest potential spiritually and of course, magically.

For information on Sheila's times available for consultation, Sheila can be reached via email at and can also be reached directly via telephone at 541-520-4802. Also, please let her know that you found her via White Magick Alchemy to receive the discount.

1/2 Hour Counseling Session - $40

1 Hour Counseling Session - $60

Includes Tarot and Astrology

This is a discounted fee for the customers of White Magick Alchemy.

Astrological Chart Reading is $250.00 for White Magick Alchemy customers only.