Moonstone Gemstone Medallions for Intuition, Love, Moon & Goddess Energy

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Moonstone is a stone which changes as the phases of the moon change. When the moon is waxing or full, it is said that Moonstone's luster becomes brighter. During the waning and new moon phases, the stone becomes darker. It's magical energy enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition and psychic abilities.

Moonstone is a stone of divination and should be worn or utilized when divining answers to yourself or others. A stone of protection, love, wishes, peace and harmony, a Moonstone placed under your pillow will bring a peaceful nights sleep and aid those with insomnia. Moonstone is a feminine stone. It's association with the goddess and the moon gives this stone its powerful energy for spells and magick, divination, love and truth seeking through the divine.

Manifest brilliant moon energy! Moonstone Medallions measure approx 1" to 1.25" x .25". Each piece is totally unique and sparkly, perfect for using as a palm stone, adorning your sacred space, or tucked inside your pocket, purse or bra. Beautiful colors, each one is different as you can see by the photo, and each piece is uniquely shaped.

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