Angel Rose Aura Tumbled Gemstones Set 2, the Stone of Supreme Love

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Ignite your passions with the stone of supreme love!

Angel Rose Aura radiates love, compassion and unconditional love. It infuses your self confidence with love and light, illuminating the darkness of even your most resistant worries and fears. Made through a combination of science and nature, metals are bonded to quartz. The alchemical process fuses platinum and gold onto premium rose quartz crystal resulting in a beautiful pearly iridescent, opalescent pink hue which accentuates the interior dimensions, fractals and inclusions of the natural quartz crystal.

Angel Rose Aura is a stone of supreme love. Because the crystal is magnified, it opens your heart to feelings of love more intensely, creating stronger bonds with those you love. Holding Angel Rose Aura in meditation, breathe in the calming energy, inhale love, exhale anxiety, sadness, pent up energy, feelings of unworthiness and uncertainty. Feel the freedom of clarity and release, and know that you are loved.

Set of 2 intuitively chosen Angel Rose Aura gemstones, ranging from clear to opaque, each uniquely beautiful in their own way. Each vary in saturation, interior inclusions, fracture planes, rainbows, clarity, opacity. Medium size ranging from approx .75" to 1".

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