Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the oldest and most accessible forms of magick. Practicing with candles gives us a visual representation of the vital components of our craft-intention, focused energy and action. Some believe that as our candles burn down on our earthly realm, they begin to appear on the other side….. as they disappear here, they carry on to burn in the spirit realm, and then our wishes become illuminated there.

White candles are the most versatile for attraction and manifesting. You can carve words or sigils that resonate with you into the candle. A written petition specifying your intention can be placed [safely] under the candle. Anointing oils can be rubbed towards the center of the candle to draw in their helpful qualities, in other words, from top to middle and bottom to middle. Gemstones and herbs may be sprinkled on or around the base of candle. For ongoing spell work, you might consider beginning during the waxing moon [from the new moon to the full moon.] Once you have lit your spell candle, be sure to use it's flickering flame as the focal point for your meditation. For continuing spells, be sure to fan or snuff [don’t blow!] out the candle until you resume.

When working with intention, choose candles that incorporate gems, herbs and essences indicative to your intention or spell. For healing work, you might choose our Euphoria Crystal Healing Candle [pictured]. Loaded with healing essentials, this beautiful new offering is abundant with healing gemstones and oils, charged with full moon blessings to revitalize you. The amethyst and quartz promote tranquility and healing, while supporting robust health, balance and well-being. The wild jasmine and sandalwood essences will inspire and uplift you, allowing you to be your highest self and easily connect with divine healing energies.

Now, more than ever, our magick thrives as we fortify ourselves. Until next time, witches……blessed be!