White Witchcraft Deconstructed | What is White Magick?

While magick in its’ totality is defined by the worship of ancestors and spirits, and honing the powers of supernatural energy for advancement of one’s will, we refer to white magick as the use of such power for selfless purposes.

Practitioners of white magick are characterized as healers, wise men and women, or witches and wizards. A peaceful, respectful, and nature worshipping bunch, they are the benevolent counterpart to black magicians, who are defined as using the powers of magick to advance their own egotistical desires.

At their worst, practitioners of black magick can be vindictive and destructive. White magick, by contrast, espouses the “do no harm” philosophy and is practiced for the good of all.

The modern white witch draws from many sources throughout history. Paleolithic “religions” utilized deity worship, including portable goddess statuettes and intricate cave paintings, to invoke divine intervention for purposes such as a prosperous hunting season, and smooth transitions into the afterlife. Elaborate burial sites, with specific symbolic positioning of bodies and thousands of delicately dyed and placed animal bones, also aided a smooth passing.

In later periods, all throughout Europe, the “cunning folk” were a skilled set of folk magick practitioners who traveled to assist townsfolk in a wide range of services including healing, protection, and divination. Cunning folk were enlisted to solve everyday problems, and as such, were considered “low magicians.” Cunning folk often acquired their knowledge through the use of grimoires, or magickal texts, an esteemed skill during a period where much of the population was unable to read.

During the Renaissance, natural magick progressed as the Age of Enlightenment placed emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge, happiness, and individual freedoms. High magick consisted of elaborate rituals and used more complex tools such as numerology, Kabbalah, and alchemy. The advancement and empowerment of the practitioners was key.

It should be noted that practitioners of white magick were often condemned for their practice, or pigeonholed as black magicians in an attempt to suppress their activity. In 1951, England repealed its’ repressive anti Witchcraft Laws, and the birth of modern white magick, or Wicca, began.

Many key figures influenced this development, perhaps too many to name, but all of their variations had several key components in common. Many were duotheistic, worshipping both a god and goddess, but could also be pantheistic, worshipping many gods and goddesses.

Rituals included holidays centered around phases of the moon; solar equinoxes and solstices, and invocation of the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Initiation ceremonies, and often a three tiered hierarchy, were also common.


As you are reading this blog, and on the White Magick Alchemy portal, you are already well on your way. Though you may have your own mentor, or even a coven with which to practice, we encourage you to always develop your own solitary magick. Collect grimoires from practitioners whose philosophy resonates with you. Start a handwritten Book of Shadows for yourself, chronicling your spells and rituals. Collect herbs and crystals specific to the powers you wish to hone. Honor the sabbats by calling in the elements for a personal ritual.

Think of the ways, always, you wish to enhance the health and wealth of your loved ones and your environment. Include your beloved pets, your garden, and your home. Offer blessings of gratitude to anyone and everyone you encounter on a regular basis. I always thank the mail person and close my eyes to envision the abundance I receive from them, and to wish them protection on their route…..just as an example.

Create a conjure oil infused with your favorite herbs and crystals and delicately anoint everything you wish to be blessed, from the [sun]glasses you see though, to the pen you write with, and the cash you barter with. Literally, everything can be infused with your magick to spread your blessings of positivity to all! You are empowered to manifest kindness and abundance throughout your entire day.

May you enhance everything you touch with your unique and powerful personal magick! For the good of all…….

Until next time witches, blessed be.

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