Bronzite Gemstone Medallions for Shielding Negativity, Reversing, Strength & Courage

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Bronzite is a stone of light, strength and courage, so that you can take on all of life’s challenges with morality and grace. The stone inspires to balance, dispelling destructive and negative behaviors. It can help with stress, depression, anxiety and panic releasing a frequency bringing peace and calmness to your inner soul. Its a powerful stone that rejuvenates the spiritual flow keeping you mentally balanced and in control.

Bronzite radiates shielding and protection energy and neutralizes negative energies as well as wicked spiritual energies, and shields hexes, jinxes, curses, psychic attacks, evil eye and bad luck. The stone works to reverse (mirror back) and return negative and psychic energies back to where they originated.

Considered a lucky talisman, a guardian stone, a shaman stone, and a manifestation stone, Bronzite will remind you of the strength and fortitude that lies within. Bronzite is also a stone of wealth, prosperity, abundance and love.

Each brilliant Bronzite Medallion measures approx 1” to 1.25” x .25” high. Beautiful premium quality pieces.

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