Fire Agate Gemstone Medallions, The Witches Shield of Gemstones, Hot Flashes

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Wow! Love this new Fire Agate! I can actually feel the energy contained within this ancient stone, as it eases my hot flashes - Fire Agate is revered as one of the most powerful stones of protection. This fiery rare gem is known for its ability to create a powerful shield around the body, turning negative energies away back to where they originated. A stone of great strength and courage, Fire Agate can help to reveal ones true spiritual self. This gorgeous gemstone, known as the stone of perfection, can draw out inner knowledge aiding to the resolution of issues, problems and uncertainties. Associated with the element of fire, Fire Agate empowers sexuality as it balances both masculine (active) and feminine (receptive) energies. It enhances creative energy and makes you want to get things done. Great stone for procrastinators.

You will adore our new Medallion Gems! These are flatter shaped, perfectly polished Fire Agate gemstones available in 2 sizes. The small Medallions measure approx 1" to 1.25" and are about 1/4" thick. The large Medallions measure approx 2" by 1-1/2" and are about 3/8" thick. These are perfect for use as a worry or palm stone, placed upon your altar, or even tucked in your pocket, purse or bra. Fire Agate in general is a hard stone to get your hands on. Especially really good quality material. These are top quality premium medallions and you will love!

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