Turritella Agate Tumbled Gemstones Large

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What a gorgeous and amazing gemstone! Turritella, a form of Chalcedony, is one of the most interesting and most beautiful creations of Agate on earth. This fossiliferous gem has small fresh water sea creatures including snails encompassed within the stone making it a stone that is deeply connected to the earth mother, opening portals of wisdom between the plant, animal and mineral worlds. Another "Record Keeper" stone, the crystals can enhance one’s abilities in channeling, telepathy, past world and past life recall.

Turritella is a stone of self confidence which helps stabilize and balance negative energies. A balancing stone, Turritella is a stone of positive transformation as it helps us adjust to change and allows us to see the more positive sides of any situation and gives us the courage see things in a positive light when its time to move forward and renew. Also a stone of love and acceptance, it elcits feelings of unconditional love.

Other magickal and metaphysical properties of this most magical gemstone include self-confidence, concentration, fertility, trance meditiation, and a myridad of healing properties, anxiety, stress, fever, aging, hormonal inbalances, internal health issues, digestion, skin rashes, wounds, itching and is even known for its ability for helping to disintegrate varicose veins and help with sexual dysfunction. I could write a novel on the magical and healing properties of this unique stone which I absolutely love! Its also a stone of protection, particularly for those who travel. Protects against danger and attack, negativity, and carrying the stone while traveling is said to to keep us safe from traffic accidents.

Listing is for one gorgeous Turritella Gemstone, each stone measuring approx 1 inch on the larger size. What a beautiful gemstone!



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