Black Amethyst Crystal Tumbled Gemstones Large Set of 2

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Black Amethyst has transmutational energies. It helps to open gateways into intense and transforming spiritual experiences, and can protect the wearer from black magic and evil. Known as a "change stone", Black Amethyst can bring about any type of change in your life and consciousness. Store a small piece of Amethyst with your cards or runes to keep the power of your divination tools high. A must for any altar.

Magickal and Healing Properties: Strength, calming, peace, healing, banishing, love and dreaming.

You will receive a set of two gorgeous large sized tumbled Black Amethyst crystal gemstones. I will hand pick 2 stones for you I'm sure you will love.

Gemstones and crystals have a long history of being used in magic, rituals and spell casting. Because they come from deep within the earth, these gemstones contain powerful energy that can be harnessed and focused to assist your intention for a particular spell.

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