Carnelian Gemstone Freeforms for Peace, Healing, Love & Sun Energy

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Beauties! These super fiery Carnelian freeforms are available in a wide array of sizes. Carnelian harnesses sun energy, and these flaming beauties have some good fire energy.

About Carnelian - Carnelian balances creative and organization abilities, opens doors and creates a need to follow through on plans. Wear or carry this stone to prevent other people from reading your thoughts or from dark forces attempting to influence your mind. Carnelian has been worn to guard against others who try to read your thoughts. In Renaissance magic, the Carnelian was usually engraved with a sword or images of warriors. It was also used as a magical amulet which was placed in the home to guard it from lighting and storms or carried as protection against enchantment. It must be cleansed once a month under warm running water and recharged for quite a long period in the sun. Wear it so it is in direct contact with the skin. Carnelian water is created by leaving the stone in the vessel of water overnight which then can be utilized in protection, banishing and healing spell workings.

Magical and Healing Properties: Protection from evil, peace, healing courage, nature, happiness, past life and power

Each Carnelian freeform is highly polished, each one unique to itself. Good prices on these pieces! Don't forget, Carnelian is the Stone of Samhain.

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