Elderberries for Banishing Evil, Warding, Protection, Spirit Connections, Ghosts, Protection & Samhain

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Elderberries are loaded with powerful warding and visionary properties and bridge the divide between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is associated with death and the underworld and in ancient times it was placed in coffins and buried with loved ones. With it's ability to stimulate vivid dreaming, it is said that falling asleep under an Elder tree can inspire dreams and connect us to the faerie realms. Elderberry possesses protective energies that can ward against evil energies. Placing Elderberries on the altar can keep evil at bay during ritual practices, or placed around the home for protection.

Folklore tells us that witches and spirits lived within the Elder, hence the reason why it bled red sap when cut. Ancient pagans knelt before the Elder and chanted prior to making the first cut allowing time for the witches and spirits to vacate.

When worn or carried, Elder is said to ward off attackers of every kind. Placed at entryways, keeps negative people and spirits from entering. Its power is so strong, it forces evil out and reverses spells that have been cast against you. 

Elderberries are also wonderful for blessing rituals and to help heal the sick and stop pain by simply working with the berry as a ritual tool. Scattered around the grounds of the home, Elderberries are very protective as well as open channels for prosperity and abundance to enter.

Wiccans believe that Elder should never be burned as folklore says it brings bad luck. As per the Wiccan Rede “Elder is the Lady's Tree, burn it not or cursed ye be!”

Special care should be taken when taking Elderberry internally. Make sure to do your homework before ingesting.

Many of my herbs and flowers are locally grown and harvested in the beautiful Sonoma Valley in California and the Valley of the Moon by farmers who are passionate about providing folks with natural organic herbs grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

You will receive a one ounce package of beautiful freshly dried organic Elderberries.

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