Golden Healer Tumbled Gemstones | Set 5 Amplifying Crystal, Manifestation, Chakra Balancing

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The “Golden Healer” gemstone is a relatively new stone you’re most likely seeing out there in the market these days. Essentially believed to be Quartz crystal naturally encompassed in a transparent type golden yellow mineral, possibly Hematite (resembles perhaps Hematite caught in a phantom), some say iron-hydrate, others say iron stained Quartz. We do know that the Golden Healer is primarily Quartz, and its safe to say that the iron is most likely Hematite. We also hear that the Golden Healer is similar to Tangerine Quartz, specifically Arkansas where both Tangerine Quartz and Golden Healer materials are found. Whatever the exact composition, the Golden Healer has definitely made a name for itself as generator crystal with powerful amplifying capabilities.

It's magical, metaphysical and healing properties include manifestation, balancing all of the chakras. It is said that the Golden Healer stone casts a golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the crown chakra. This energy then spreads it’s golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that help prepare the body for multi-level healing. Golden Healer Quartz is a high-vibrational crystal and a master healer much like gold. I have found that it can raise your vibrations, amplify your intentions, and release any blockages that are present in your body and in your life. It will work on you with patience, and the changes that will transpire will run very deep and happen on multiple levels. A good manifestation and earth healing stone.

Set of 5 smaller medium sizes gemstones, super nice quality, sizes vary of course.

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