Lapis Lazuli Pendulum Necklace . Crystal Gemstone Knowledge, Wisdom, Deity Workings, Intuition, Shields Negativity, Evil Eye

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Lapis Lazuli is the stone of ancient knowledge and wisdom. The stone allows for spiritual balance, promoting a clear understanding an higher level of intuition within our spiritual bodies. When working with Lapis Lazuli, you must raise your awareness and spiritual energy to it's level as the stone does not lower itself to meet your emotional state. This ancient stone has timeless associations to deities in all realms, and it is said that the possessor of Lapis Lazuli possessed that ancient power and wisdom of the Gods and Goddesses, possessing the magical powers and force of the deity. Its association with the Eye, All Seeing Eye, the Third Eye awakens intuition and strengthens our psychic awareness.

Lapis Lazuli is the great stone of intuition, which allows us to make changes when change is necessary. Lapis also an excellent stone for protection and shields us from psychic attacks, harmful energies and negativity, evil eyes, psychic vampires (people who are draining your spiritual energy, vitality and emotion), clear negative influence brought about by judgments and/or projections, any negative past life energies, and last but not least, oneself. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of true Divinity. Its a stone that can help with dizziness brought on by vertigo.

TO USE YOUR GEMSTONE NECKLACE AS A PENDULUM: A pendulum is simple tool used for communicating and gaining guidance from the spiritual world. The pendulum amplifies signals or energy vibrations emanating from a spiritual guide or the divine energies you've called upon. These vibrations focus their attention on the pendulum and cause it to move in specific directions, giving you answers and guidance to the questions you put to the tool. Hold the pendulum with your strong hand, very steady so it doesn't move. Ask your question:

Yes - an up and down direction.
No - a side to side direction.
Maybe - a diagonal direction, from the lower left to upper right corners of the circle.
Don't Want To Answer - a diagonal direction , from the lower right to the upper left corners of the circle.
Probably Yes - a clockwise circle.
Probably Not - a counter-clockwise circle.

This beautiful Lapis Lazuli gemstone point is set in 925 Sterling silver and comes on a 18" gorgeous premium sterling silver plated chain which will respond much like sterling silver. To clean simply dip in silver jewelry cleaner, rise and dry immediately. Gem points vary in size measuring 1-1/4 inches long and 1/3 inch wide at the top. A beautiful piece whether used as a pendulum or worn as a pendant necklace.

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