Libation Ritual Salt for Offerings, Castings, Ritual & Kitchen Witches, Culinary One Ounce

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A libation is an offering of wine to honor the Gods and Goddesses during ritual. The act of pouring wine as a sacrifice or gift to them in reverence. Today libations are usually given with wine during or following ritual. A small portion of wine is poured from a chalice cup upon the earth as the witch gives thanks and appreciation to the earth, the elements, and the deities.

As modern witchcraft evolves, so do our tools and the way in which they are used. I thought how cool it would be to incorporate a salt infused with red wine in ritual. Just as with actual wine libations, Libation Wine Ritual Salt can be used in divination, cast into fires, into water, and as a ritual libation offering to the earth (ground), and more.

Kitchen Witches - Flavorful and with a slightly tart gently oaky finish, its a great addition to any recipe that features wine. This gorgeous red-burgundy colored salt is amazing with chocolate truffles and desserts, but can work more humbly in a spice rub for any kind of meat.

Natural salts are a must for any altar during ritual and spell work plus they have endless uses. Wonderful for cleansing, charging scrying mirrors, casting circles, purification bathes, in ritual and on the table.

You will receive one ounce of Libation Ritual Salt in a glass corked bottle.

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