MENTAL FOCUS Spell Oil . Old World Alchemy . Improve Concentration, Center Core Thinking, School, Career

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Loaded with magical herbs, aromatic essential oils, absolutes and energy crystals to help stimulate clarity, my powerful Mental Focus Spell Oil is an all-mood transforming potion to improve and enhance brain power, concentration, mental focus and center core thinking. For empowering mind, body and spirit and personal inner mental strength. Use for improving mental capacity involving writing, school, career, advancement, financial matters,business, personal power and performance. 

Encompass yourself within a myriad of aromatic essences that are well known for their magical properties for mental focus and clarity by using as a pulse point oil. Dab a bit on your temples and wrists. Use with orange, gold, yellow, green, blue and white candles when working with candle magic. Thats a lot of colors to choose from!

White Magick Alchemy Spell Oils are crafted in the Old Pagan Tradition with focused magickal intent and are used to anoint candles during spell and ritual workings, to anoint the body, for anointing tools or burned in an oil burner. 

Each formulation has been carefully prepared harnessing earths precious gifts. Sacred oils, blessed herbs, heartwoods, energy and healing crystals, White Magick Alchemy Ritual Spell Oils are freshly crafted using only the finest and purest ingredients. Each oil is hand blended using only pure, all-natural premium absolutes and pure essential oils magically fused with premium select carrier oils. Our premium stock oils are then naturally preserved with organic Rosemary extract to insure a long shelf life without compromising the all-natural aromatic nature of the sacred oils contained within. 

Each spell oil potion is then charged under the appropriate moon phase upon an altar of beautiful towering crystals, billowing cauldrons of incense, and a powerful charge of intent and white magick. Old World secret blendings, all of our ritual and perfume oil offerings are witched blessed, charged and naturally aromatic.

Gems of nature are the quintessential life force of aromatic botanicals, known as the "soul" of the plant. Each Spell Oil fusion is carefully prepared with focused intent, bound together with all-natural organic alchemical ingredients encompassing Old World spirit.

‰÷É There are several spell oil intents to choose from so take your time in deciding which one would best suit your needs.

Each spell oil is contained within a amber bottle to protect it from the damaging sunlight. I advise testing a bit on the skin beforehand, as some essential oils can be very strong and sometimes harmful to the skin.

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