Pentacle with Onyx Point Pendant Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

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Ancient magic lore tells us that in times long past, Onyx was thought to be the manifestation of a demon imprisoned in the stone. This demon would awake in the night and spread terror and nightmares to any persons within its range of influence. Since antiquity, Onyx has been known to be used as protection gemstone against black magic as well as defensive magic when negativity is being directed towards someone.

Onyx is thought to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition and one's instincts, and aids in changing bad habits. A strength-giving stone, good for athletes or people under extreme mental and emotional stress. It brings balance to mind or body as well as strength of mind. Onyx is a wonderful stone for those who are flighty by nature, as it will help ground and focus the attention. A strengthening stone that can help you approach a lesson or task with greater self-confidence. Onyx will also help you gain emotional balance and self control. Onyx should be worn directly on the body or worn over a long period of time as it's power develops quite slowly.

Beautiful Onyx point in a 925 sterling silver pentacle bail setting strung on a 18" silver plated chain. To clean, use silver dip but do not submerge Onyx gemstone (or any other gemstones) into silver cleaning solutions.


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