Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Spell Ritual Supplies . With Candles, Abundance and Prosperity Resins, Charcoal

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Here are the additional ritual supplies needed for the infamous Immediate Money Drawing Spell all in one handy listing! 

As you know, once you've received the spell, it can be worked over and over again. This set of ritual supplies includes the Prosperity & Abundance Resins, Green Spell Candles and a roll of charcoal disks for the task at hand. Good for up to 6 uses.

We also use the Magic Flash Spell Paper when performing this spell. I know I always use it for this spell working. Write your intention upon the paper for abundance and prosperity, then cast it into the cauldron, thus releasing your spell into the universe. Magic Flash Spell Paper can be found by simply typing in Magic Flash into the Search Bar top left.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Immediate Money Drawing Spell:

This is a truly miraculous money drawing spell that works amazingly well. A gift given to me by a Native American Witch Doctor that I have decided to, and have been granted permission share with only a select few. Those of you who happen upon my White Magick Shoppe here on etsy. This spell is not, nor will be available anywhere else.

This spell has worked its serious magic, not only for me, but also for others that I have chosen to share it with over the years. Those of you who have received it, you know what I’m talking about. It has brought great financial success to me personally, along with members of my family and close friends in ways unimaginable. Once in possession of this ancient spell, it can be worked over and over again to keep prosperity and abundance constantly flowing towards you. This spell has proven success to bring immediate financial gain to those who work the spell with power and intent.

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