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This is a truly miraculous money drawing spell that works amazingly well and has literally changed people's lives. A gift given to me by a Native American shaman witch doctor many moons ago. Years after this money spell was shared with me, I asked and was granted permission to share this abundant gift with the world. Those of you who have happen upon White Magick Alchemy, this spell is not nor will ever be available anywhere else. It is an ancient special spell that I uniquely transformed to be easy to understand and execute. Designed in a reusable corked glass jar. 

This spell has worked some serious magick, not only for me, but also for others that I have chosen to share it with over the years. Those of you who have received it, you know what I’m talking about. It has brought great financial success to me personally, along with members of my family, close friends and hundreds of my customers in ways unimaginable. Once in possession of this ancient spell, it can be worked over and over again to keep prosperity and abundance constantly flowing towards you. This spell has proven success to bring immediate financial gain to those who work the spell with power and intent. Keyword: intent. Keep in mind, abundance shows itself in many different ways.

Only a few additional items are needed to perform this spell. A cauldron or heat safe sacred burning vessel to burn the resins provided, a small chime spell candle holder will be needed for your candle, and a roll of charcoal disks for burning the resins provided. Available here in at WMA if you don’t have these items handy at home. I also highly recommend the Magic Flash Spell Paper when purchasing this spell. Write your intention for abundance onto the spell paper, crumple it up setting your intent, then cast the paper into the prepared cauldron. The paper will ignite and flash up in a fiery display of fire up to 4 inches high, thus your spell for prosperity is released into the universe. Great stuff for any spell and ritual! I hardly never do spell workings without using Magic Flash. Found under Magickal Tools in the shop.

You will receive:

One Bottle of Money Drawing Resin
One Bottle of Money Drawing Anointing Ritual Oil
One Green Spell Candle
One detailed Spell Scroll
Contained in a glass corked bottle adorned with a Pentacle Charm charm.

Because we are experiencing the most difficult economic times ever known in this modern world, this is the only reason I have chosen to share this truly magical spell, exclusive to my WMA customers only. If you are in need of immediate financial gain, abundance, are worried about how you’re going to scrape up the money for the mortgage payment, and need money now, I highly suggest you utilize this spell. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Many of my customers have worked this spell and have also had and continue to have amazing success with it, as it is a spell which can be worked over and over, well for a lifetime! I've heard of people receiving unexpected monetary checks, the first time my new boyfriend worked this spell with me, he received a check in the mail for 1,000.00 and was literally shocked. The day after my son first worked the spell, he won a Pit Crew Challenge and won $500.00. His girlfriend received a call from an employer telling her she got the job while the candle was burning, on another occasion while working the spell, she received another call informing her of a promotion and a raise. My customers have shared so many amazing stories about their personal successes with this spell, from walking out of the house to see a dollar bill stuck in a tree, to new jobs, business success, etc. This is a very real spell, not to be taken lightly.

Perform the spell every month per the instructions, no need to purchase another spell ever. Look for the Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Supplies also available in the shop. Contains a set of 6 Green Spell Candles, charcoal disks and Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Resins. Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Spell Oil is also available. Those are basically the items necessary to continue to work the spell monthly.

Abundant Blessings!

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Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Spell
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2 Reviews

8th Nov 2011

It works!

Even before performing the spell, just when the kit was in my house, my business started to speed up again! Since doing this spell it's continued. I don't know how, but it works! Also used the sparkling paper, it added a lot of magick!

m 24th Sep 2011


I actually both this through the Etsy site and It was an awesome spell to perform, it left me feeling empowered as well as I did receive money in a couple of weeks. I suggest you also purchase the magical paper it is fantastic! It's a must to really feel the power of the spell and it adds so much to the process. :)

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