Pure Sandalwood Powder

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The natural sweet aromatic and woody fragrance of the sandalwood tree is truly a gift. In India, there are temples built purely from sandalwood and the natural aroma when walking into these beautiful temples is amazing. 

Sandalwood powder, in its pure state, has many uses and is a magical addition to spells and rituals. A visionary powder to enhance psychic power and clairvoyance, sandalwood can also be used in love, drawing, home blessing and meditation rituals. This fine powder can be used as incense, mixed into herbal potions, added to sachets, or sprinkled around the home to cleanse, protect, and ward off negative energies.

For attraction spells, sprinkle sandalwood powder on the body or clothing. For dreamwork, burn as an incense near the bed before retiring. For astral travel, mix with mugwort and cinnamon and sprinkle on the pillow and bed sheets before sleeping to encourage consciously directed astral travel.

Pure Sandalwood Powder . For Blessings, Meditation, Psychic Power, Clairvoyance, Love, Protection, Banishing, Cleansing

A one ounce bottle is brimming with pure all-natural Sandalwood Powder.

To use as an Incense ~ Incense Powers are loose powders made with natural herbs and essential oils to be burned on a prepared charcoal disk in a safe burning vessel. They have long been burned for centuries during ritual work to create magick and invoke the spirits. Its magickal aroma will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a lovely natural fragrance.

Do not ingest and keep away from children and pets. Sandalwood powder may stain fabrics, so keep that in mind when using on clothing and linens. For adult use only.

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