Rainbow Tiger Eye Boho Gemstone Bracelets for Wealth, Protection, Luck, Chakras

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These super pretty Bohemian styled beaded bracelets just pop with color and feature an array of beautiful pink, blue, green and gold Tiger eye gemstones. Tiger Eye is revered as a stone of great power and luck that has a reputation for attracting wealth, money and prosperity. This shimmering sun energy stained gem is also a stone of protection, healing, strength, courage, wisdom and passion! Tiger Eye is said to be great for resolving sexual unbalances. It is told to be helpful to the nervous system, helping to calm stress related issues, bringing a calmness to unsettled turmoil. In some cultures Tiger Eye is believed to ward off evil eye. A gorgeous stone that lends itself to many areas that may need resolve with loving magickal energies.

Because of the liquid movement within the stone, it is an excellent tool for vision and divination workings. Known to be especially helpful to protect against dark magic, this unique sparkling warm gemstone also promotes a positive energy flow within the body and helps to ground, center, strengthen convictions and create confidence and courage.

Magical and Healing Properties: money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination, healing, passion, strength, chakras

Bracelets are available in 2 sizes, small stones or large stones, strung on elastic, one size fits most.

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