Reversing Candles | Return Evil Work Back To Sender Ritual Candle Spell

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Reversing Candles are back! This time in our well-loved 2x3 pillar, the perfect size for ritual use. Comes with detailed spell scroll instructions & my powerful Reversing Herbal Blend packet.

My Reversing Candles are handcrafted, charged and witch blessed for serious reversal workings. More effective than cleansing, hexes or other forms of negative magic, "reversing" is ideal for enemy work, banishing negative influence, initiating the natural forces of karmic retribution, providing protection from people who are out to harm you, reversing any negativity that has been sent to you, sending it back to where/whom it is originating from. The more persistently someone tries to harm you, the more that negative energy will be reflected. Essentially you are sending back all negativity that is being thwarted upon you, mirroring back the negative energy, strain/spell directly back to the sender.

Reversing is ideal for people who are experiencing issues with jealousy, Evil Eye, stalkers, psychic vampires, negative ex-situations, child custody issues, legal issues, people saying bad things about you, trying to bring you down, sucking your life’s essence.

Detailed instructions accompany the candle via spell scroll
Each candle measures 2x3 / pillar candle, scented with WMA Dragons Blood, Amber & Sandalwood
Burn time is approximately 40 hours

Common sense reminds us to never leave burning candles unattended. Remove labels before burning.

Additional item(s) needed: A mirror you have never looked into before, nor will ever look into. This will most likely be a new mirror. Do not look into the mirror during purchase or when in use. Do not allow others to look into the mirror. When not in use, store in a cloth in a safe drawer. Can be used for future reversing workings.

Place the candle in a heat safe candle dish then place on top of the mirror. Do not put candle directly on mirror.



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Reversing Candle Spells
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