Rhyolite Gemstone Palm Stones

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Rhyoliite is an absolutely gorgeous gemstone. Its a type of vocanic rock and is sometimes referred to as the "Streaming Rock" because of its beautiful crystal ayers and circular bands that are formed as lava flowers over this stones surface as it forms. This is interesting becasue as the magma cools, if cooled slowly, this creates the gemstone Rhyolite. If the lava magma fails to form these crystal rich layers, then the material becomes Obsidian. Very complex gemstone with a mysterious twist.

Rhyolite, an earth stone, is known as the Shaman's Stone, as it is in perfect balance with the elements. Its calming and balancing properties allow for us to harness emotional strength and self love. A stone of meditation, Rhyolite is a beautiful stone for those suffering with anxiety and unbalance within. Stuck in a funk? Rhyolite is a stone of change and transforamation, happiness and peace. Great stone for carrying with you.

Magickal properties for Rhyolite include balance, healing, strength, physic connection especially to those who have passed on to the otherworld, astral projection, elemental magic, anixiety, regeneration, self love, trust, tranquility, peace, change, a great strength bearing stone to carry when having to deal with confrontation. 

Listing is for one large sized gorgeous Rhyolite perfectly polished Palm Stone you will love! The colors contained within this stone are amazing. Each Palm Stone measures approx 1.75 inches, sizes and shapes vary.

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