Wishing Ball Necklace for Wishes, Dreams, Desires & Intentions

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Wishes are to be held close to the heart. They are intentions that we harness to manifest our wishes, dreams and desires. After all, sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.

Wishing Ball Necklaces are intended to keep your wishes with you as you work towards manifesting your intentions. Close your eyes and hold the ball in your hands. Take a moment to gather up your wishes/intentions, then speak aloud to the universe the wishes you are putting into the Wishing Ball as you visualize them encompassed within the silver sphere. There, you can keep them close to the heart as you continue to manifest, with intention, your wishes. You can put one wish in the sphere or up to three at a time. When your wishes are realized, simply visualize your wish being released from the sphere into the universe.

Our gorgeous Wishing Ball Necklaces are beyond beautiful. Crafted by hand with a premium rhodium alloy blend for sparkle and shine and woven with black linen cord, they are hypo-allergenic and can withstand the elements. Long 17” drop.

  • Rhodium Alloy
  • Waxed linen chord
  • Hypo-allergenic
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