Litha Gold Summer Sparkle ☀️ Soulful Alchemy Ritual Spiritual Oil

Litha Gold is back for midsummer! This soulful essence has been one of our best sellers since introduced last year and has returned again this year as a spring/summer Limited Edition spiritual perfume oil. Gilded in 24K gold, Litha Gold’s summer sparkle begins with positive intentions of renewed energy, love, abundance, joy, healing and happiness. At midsummer Sol (the sun) has reached it’s zenith and the height of it’s power magically. This is an ideal time for abundance workings as the spiritual strength of the sun now propels power and renewed energy in all directions. Love is in the air and new beginnings, opportunities, relationships and successes are on the horizon. The solstice is all about raising energy in any direction you choose including journeying to faerie realms and beyond. While midsummer is a great time to perform pretty much all types of magickal workings, some of the most popular ritual spell intentions to work with during the summer solstice include abundance and prosperity workings, love spells and healing rituals. 

What I love about the new Alchemy Ritual line is that each spiritual perfume smells absolutely amazing and magickal on it's own, and because they were born from intention, they can all be used in your spells and ritual workings. At the summer solstice, work with Litha Gold and anoint a white, yellow, orange, green or red candle in ritual, and you will discover true essences of the summer solstice. Litha Gold is orange blossom honey moon kissed with honeysuckle, vetiver and dark fired tobacco. The warm finish is much like the summer solstice as light gives way to the dark, with amber and oud, sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla. All of the finest natural essences of Litha, and gilded in 24K gold. 

The solstice is all about raising energy! Capture the feeling of the natural world's warmth, abundance and energy with Litha Gold by Alchemy RItual.