Brigid's Cross Ritual Candles for Imbolc

Brigid is truly one of my favorite goddesses, and Imbolc I find to be such sacred and beautiful sabbat. Imbolc traditionally is celebrated in Ireland on February 1st, when the symbolic observance honors Brigid, also known as Brighid, Brid (pronouced breed), and of course Saint Brigid, patron saint of Ireland. On this day in Ireland and throughout the world, a Brigid's Cross is hung and displayed in the home in honor of Brigid at Imbolc and to keep the home protected from fire and evil spirits.

Created in honor and in ritual for the Triple Goddess of Fire, the Celtic Triple Goddess, the goddess of hearth and home, prophecy and poetry, blacksmithery, fertility and life, call upon Brigid to light your way to the sacred.

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