Introducing Alchemy Ritual Spiritual Perfume Oils

Journey deep into the mysteries of the sacred with Alchemy Ritual Spiritual Perfume Oils. Transport yourself to ancient realms and indulge your senses with spiritual oil fusions crafted from some of the world's most powerful and intoxicating essences, taking you on a mysterious and sacred journey through fragrance.

I'm so excited for you to try our new Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oils, for a limited time:

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It's the perfect way to try our new magickal essences! EXPERIENCE the magick and intention behind each wearable oil, created to enhance and heighten your spiritual workings. Simply add your selections to your cart, including your FREE selection(s) to the cart, you'll see your savings right in the cart.

Featured is LITHA GOLD | This essence has been one of our best selling oils for a few years now, so it wasn't surprising that it was going to make the cut and move into the new Alchemy Ritual collection of amazing and magickal perfume oils.  Litha Gold embraces the spirit of summer and celebrates the creation of light. An empowering and soulful essence crafted from smooth oud and sandalwood essential oils, dark fired tobacco, warm amber, vetiver, blood orange and Madagascar vanilla, gilded in 24K gold. 2022's summer pick! And also a Limited Edition perfume. Litha Gold will be making its departure about mid-fall, but will return again late spring 2023.

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