Ostara | Must Be The Season of the Hare

If you're looking to add some enchantment to your Ostara, moon and goddess rituals, our beautiful diamond dusted Hare candles are the perfect choice. Hares and rabbits have long been associated with magick and the ability to walk between worlds. Their ability to dart quickly amidst the shadows as they walk between the earthly realm and the spirit realm, often disappearing in the blink of any eye, makes them privy to hidden knowledge and wisdom.They are known to communicate with faeries and have accompanied goddesses like Artemis, Hekate, Aphrodite, Holda, Freyja, Cerridwen, and Eostre. Our candles are perfect for invoking their energy and tapping into this hidden knowledge and wisdom. Whether you're seeking luck, love, creativity, success, sensitivity, spontaneity, abundance, rebirth, or fertility, our Hare candles can help you manifest your desires and add a touch of enchantment to your spiritual practice.

Hare candles are available in pillars and votives. Click here to zoom to our pillars. They smell amazing too! The perfect fragrance for the season of Ostara.