Herbs of Samhain Witch Bottles with Witches Herbs and Rock Salts

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Dispel the darkness, transcend between the worlds, and journey beyond the veils edge. Open your spiritual consciousness to the otherworld and behold in it's magick this Samhain season.

The history of the Witch Bottle goes back hundreds of years. The origins of this tradition has been dated to the 1500's. This year's Herbs of Samhain Witch Bottles are loaded with potent magickal herbs created with the aid of the ancients, and charged with intent to bring the power of spiritual awareness into your Samhain ritual workings. A special proprietary blending of blessed herbs, flowers, spices and rock salt bound together with sacred intent, the Herbs of Samhain can also be used as an offering to your ancestral spirits. 

Cast into bonfires, sprinkle upon the altar during ritual, around the base of candles or burned as an incense or smudge during rituals and spell workings. Hand grind with a mortar and pestle and blow your offering to the wind. Create and charge your own ritual oil, spells, add to altar salts, scrying and ritual blends, the possibilities are endless. Or simply place the Witch Bottle within your ritual altar area.

Burn as a loose incense or offering in your sacred burning vessel with a charcoal disk, also available under tools in the shop. This magickal blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a pure organic and fragrant all natural fragrance. This authentic aroma is so powerful that just about a half a teaspoon full burned on a disk will fill up your sacred space with a mood transforming all natural scent.

An abundance of Herbs of Samhain are contained within a Witch Bottle vessel.

Use caution when burning around children and pets. Do not ingest.



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