Love Drops | Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil, the Original Essence of Love, Black Orchid & Liquid Amber

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LOVE DROPS | Love's magickal powers are deep and mysterious.

Love Drops Perfume is an exquisite fusion of the world’s most powerful and intoxicating essences for invoking love, lust, passion and romance. This beautiful, alluring and intoxicating essence begins with black orchid symbolizing power and submission, white jasmine, neroli and black violet, bending into warm sandalwood, musk and liquid amber. A sacred fusion of natures essences inspired by love and the laws of attraction, for love and enchantments, crafted for those who believe in the power of love. 

As a perfume, apply at pulse points, neck, back of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and knees. Can also be harnessed as a spiritual oil.

Love Drops Alchemy Perfume Oil is currently available in 1/3oz roll-ons and 1oz stamped bottles.

Head: pink peppercorn, pomegranate, neroli
Heart: black orchid, black violet, white jasmine
Base: sandalwood, musk, liquid amber

Magickal: love, attraction, magickal enchantments, musings, passion, power, sensuality, twin flame, euphoria

fresh | floral | woods

unisex fragrance

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