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SPELL | Step into the realm of spells and magick! Spell, by Alchemy Ritual, fuses magickal essences, mystery and alchemy defining the quintessential essence of witchcraft.

Spell has been carefully prepared harnessing aromatic flowers, ancient resins and aged woods. Top notes of woody sandalwood, amber, geranium and white musk fuse with mid notes of frankincense, tonka bean and moon flower. Each bottle is charged with focused intent under the full moon upon our altar of beautiful towering crystals and billowing cauldrons of incense.

As a perfume, apply at pulse points, neck, back of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and knees. Can also be harnessed as a spiritual oil.

Spell Alchemy Perfume Oil is currently available in 1/3 ounce roll-ons and our handmade wax seal stamped frosted 1 ounce bottles.

Head: geranium, green tea
Heart: frankincense, moon flower, tonka bean, stone, ivy
Base: sandalwood, amber, patchouli, white musk

Magickal: mystery, magick, spells, meditations, drawing spells, love, attraction, moon workings, wishes, etc.

warm | musky | floral

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