Moon Essence | Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil, Celestial Magick & Goddess Energy, Fairy Rose, White Sandalwood, Pink Cherry & Amber Crystals

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MOON ESSENCE, an original perfume creation by White Magick Alchemy, begins with a floral fusion of divine moon essences with gorgeous feminine notes of pink cherry, night blooming jasmine, fairy rose, lavender and mariposa lily, all sacred flowers associated with the goddess and the moon. Base notes of white sandalwood, tonka bean and warm amber crystals balance the fragrance into a very sweet floral to illuminate and magnify your feminine power. Inspired by our magickal moon, her divinity, her ethereal love and light. This is our offering to you.

Since ancient times, the lunar goddess has reigned as the feminine force of the moon. She is the embodiment of power and represents the ultimate divine feminine. Call upon your moon goddesses, Artemis, Hathor, Isis, Diana, Luna, Selene. Astarte, and invoke the strength and power of divinity with this moon blessed oil potion.

As a perfume, apply at pulse points, neck, back of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and knees. Can also be harnessed as a spiritual oil.

Moon Essence Perfume Oil is currently available in 1/3oz roll-ons and 1oz stamped bottles.

Head: sage, neroli, black currant
Heart: pink cherry, jasmine, fairy rose, heliotrope, mariposa lily, lavender
Base: white sandalwood, warm amber, tonka, woody musk

Magickal: moon energy, love, power, success, creativity, manifestation, fertility, sexuality, positive energy, empowerment, personal growth, strength, divination, wishes, peace, balance, abundance, dreams, wishes, banishing, protection

sweet | floral | warm


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