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Mugwort is an herb of strength, psychic power, protection, healing, fertility, dreaming and astral projection. Known for its many magickal uses, Mugwort is a must have for any witch and is a staple within a plethora of magickal workings.

Mugwort is a well known herb used for prophetic dreaming and astral projection because of its calming nature. Mugwort is also a very strong divination herb, used in scrying rituals and psychic spell workings. An infusion of spring water and Mugwort is used to cleanse crystal balls and magic mirrors. As a protection herb, it is said if one carries Mugwort, they cannot be harmed by evil spirits, poison, wild beasts and sun stroke. It is also said to help to prevent backache, cure disease and prevent madness.

White Magick Alchemy's "Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oils are made in the old Pagan tradition and can be used to anoint candles during spell and ritual work, to anoint the body, for anointing tools, for use in your oil burner and even used as an all-natural perfume.

These alchemical oils are created with all-natural ingredients including blessed organic herbs, aromatic pure essential oils, and sweet almond and jojoba oils. The oil fusion is carefully prepared for each intent, each batch created with special care and charged under the appropriate moon phase upon an altar of beautiful towering crystals with billowing cauldrons of incense.

An old world secret blending, infused with powerful herbs, these amazing oils are naturally scented with mainly just the aromatic and magickal essences of the herbs, thus releasing their energies into the spell oil. Mugwort Oil's natural aroma is magick packed simply infused with the beautiful fresh herb itself.

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