Sage & Peppermint Smudge Bundles for Facilitating Health & Well-Being, Financial & Business Success, Quickening Intentions

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I love that we can fuse herbs together in a smudge bundle to draw in multiple corresponding intentions that work in tandem to create sacred healing and sacred space. This fusion of White Sage and Peppermint is not only amazing aromatically, but this powerful combination of blessed herbs is ideal for dealing with a myriad of different situations.

Burn before bedtime to facilitate peaceful nights sleep

Enhances "third eye" awareness

Facilitating health and well-being, especially for the sick

Drives off negative energy sickness can bring into the home

Balances emotions and helps with grieving

Mental focus and concentration

Financial and business success

Protection, shielding, banishing

Quickens intentions and spells

Smudging is highly effective for releasing anger, anxiety, fear, grief and depression

White Sage and Peppermint Smudge bundle measures approx 4"

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