Samhain | Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil, Intuition, Ritual, Pomegranate, Elderberry & Sugared Violets

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SAMHAIN  | Open your spiritual consciousness, transcend between the worlds and journey beyond the veils edge with this deeply spiritual blending of visionary essences created to open the portal to otherworldly spiritual realms through ritual. Tempting notes of blood orange, sage and sweetgrass summon you to luscious offerings of pomegranates and sweet elderberries cloaked in sugared violets, blackberry, cashmere and musk. Palo Santo and sandalwood fuse to the ethereal finish. A potent transcendental black sparkly perfume encompassing a myriad of magickal essences, all symbolic to the ancestors and the sacred season of Samhain.

As a perfume, apply at pulse points, neck, back of wrists, inside of elbows, behind ears and knees. Can also be harnessed as a spiritual oil.

Samhain Alchemy Perfume Oil is currently available in 1oz stamped bottles.

Head: blood orange, sage, sweetgrass, lemongrass
Heart: pomegranate, elderberry, blackberry, jasmine, sugared violets
Base: palo santo, cashmere, musk

Magickal: intuition, heightened awareness, spiritual journeying, psychic vision, communication, third eye, protection, love, otherworldly path workings 

sweet | fruity | warm 

limited | unisex

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