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Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength. Its mystical powers will unveil life's meaningful existence and promote fearlessness, courage, and self control. This stone is one of integrity and virtue. Sardonyx is also a stone of attraction, success and abundance in many forms. Said to dispel sorrow, depression, regret and misfortune, this may be the reason that Sardonyx helps to attract new friendships and relationships. The stone is said to create and manifest long lasting happiness, contentment and stability to relationships and marriages and when kept in or within the vicinity of the home inside or out of doors, the stone helps avert crime.

A stone of good fortune and prosperity, Sardonyx encourages confidence and optimism and allows those who are grief stricken to see the positive aspects of life allowing for emotional and spiritual healing and wellness. Sardonyx is a stone of realism and allows the wearer or carrier to see things for what they are with clarity and a sharp open mind so as not to get caught up in wishful thinking and false illusion.

Sardonyx is called the stone of the senses, improving sensory perception and strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system. It reinforces the immune system by stimulating the flow of body fluids. Sardonyx may bring lasting happiness and stability to marriage as well as other partnerships. It attracts friends and good fortune, and can be used around the house and garden to prevent crime.

Listing is for one Large nice tumbled Sardonyx Tumbled Gemstone, measures approx 1 to 1.5 inches. Stone fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

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