Bayberry Votive Candles for Money Drawing, Wealth, Abundance

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"A bayberry candle burned to the socket, will bring health to the home and money to the pocket!", so the saying goes.

Bayberry is well known for it's magickal properties for drawing all good things in, specifically cash. Our Bayberry Votive Candles are ideal for rituals and spells harnessing intentions for drawing money in, abundance, prosperity, wealth, good luck, wishes and overall contentment relative to money and business dealings.

Bayberry candles have traditionally been burned during the Yuletide season to ring in good luck, wealth and abundance in the year ahead. Colonial folklore tells of starting a bayberry candle on Christmas eve to ensure luck and prosperity in the coming year. A holiday favorite and a staple at Yule, you will love our authentically fragrant Bayberry Votive Candles.

Keep the tradition alive!

Fragrance: Bayberry
Size: 1.75" x 2" Votive Candle
Color: Bayberry Green

WARNING: Always burn votive candles in a heat safe votive cup. NEVER burn votive candles like pillar candles as the votive candles are made to liquefy in the votive cup. Always burn candles safely and keep away from children and pets. Click here to learn more about burning candles safely. Burn time is 12-14 hours.


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