Pink Witch Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil for Faerie Enchantments, Sugary Intentions, Spells & Wishes

Pink is the color of love, attraction and beauty. Sugar is an essence that sweetens intentions and generates positive outcomes. Together this captivating aromatic fusion creates a delightfully delicious and playful fragrance perfect for love connections, faerie enchantments, spells and wishes.

Pink Witch Alchemy Ritual Perfume Oil blends pink spun sugar, caramel, lemon drops, raspberry, fig and plum with white musk, vanilla, sandalwood and more creating a sugary sweet alluring perfume oil that is super sexy, enchanting and fun. Its sugar in a bottle!

Try working with some of these magickal intentions when wearing or working with Pink Witch! Love, attraction, beauty, bewitching, seduction, aphrodisiac, luck, compassion, love drawing, faerie enchantments, friendship, kisses, kindness, desire, sex, sensuality, passion, romance and wishes.

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