The Benefits of the Banishing Spell

While the power of positive thinking is an endlessly profound practice, there are times in life when we need to move along or let go of energy that is not serving us. This could be a habit of our own, an undesirable situation we may find ourself in, or the attention from another that is not welcome. In such instances, we can empower our lives by formalizing the process of release with banishing work. Banishing work, also known as defensive magick, can improve your security and peace of mind in amazing ways. The power of your intention is key, as always, so approach this work with conviction and when in a calm and centered headspace.

For banishing work, you will want to use black candles as black is the color associated with reversal. Carving words and sigils into your candles is a great way to super charge them. Salt is a powerful protective agent, so consider casting a circle with salt or better yet, with extra strength black salt-salt mixed with charcoal or black pepper. Be sure to cast counter-clockwise for all banishing and reversal spells. Petitions requesting release can be written on your favorite spell paper, and should be folded away from you, ideally three times. Use your cauldron to burn away the name of the troubling person or energy. In lieu of burning, you may tear up parchment paper, and send it away from you into the wind, or bury it in the earth (be sure to use natural papers please!). You can also place it outside in the garbage bin right before collection day. You can do a “chill out” spell by placing your written petition in a waterproof bag, and freezing it. Place it in your freezer tray, or in a bowl of ice. Place the name of a troublesome person in a box of mirrors to send their negativity right back to them. Stuff a poppet or fashion it out of clay to make a representation of the person, then bury or smash the poppet to decrease their influence over you. You can soak a petition in Banishing Oil or Banishing Vinegar before burning (safely!), or burying for added potency. Recommended herbs to use are black or red pepper, cayenne or chili powder, lavender, rue, rosemary, mint, sage, wormwood, thyme, bay leaves and coriander. These herbs can also be used to infuse your ritual oil. Remember to anoint your candles from the center outwards, in other words apply the oil to the center of the candle first, then spread it to the top and bottom as you are sending away the negative energy. You may adorn your altar with Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian gemstones. Dragons Blood and Frankincense will help to intensify and sanctify your reversal work. Ground coffee may be used to speed up your intentions. Consider strengthening your banishing manifestations with the use of an incantation. Here are are a few options:

That which brings me down I banish,
the negative in my life may now vanish.
I no longer need it to hold me back,
a heavy energy that pushes me off track.

By the power of thee times three,
Hekate I invoke thee!
Remove all malefic entities,
and replace all with love and harmony.

I call upon powers far and near,
to banish what’s not welcome here.
By this candle, with this charm,
I banish what can cause me harm.
Then I ask this charge I lay,
send unwanted things away!

May you be free of all the that no longer serves you, dear ones.

Until next time witches, blessed be!