Dumortierite Tumbled Gemstones Set of 5 for Banishing Panic, Fear, Addictions, Aids in Clearing the Skattered Mind, Organization, Self Discipline

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Dumortierite is a stone of self-discipline and organization and is a wonderful gemstone with the energy to clear an over-loaded scattered mind. Especially helpful to those who seek balance, this beautiful stone helps to promote a positive attitude even during times of hardship. The stone works as a mirror of one's self, helping to recognize negative behaviors like addictions destroying them at core level. A stone known for it's ability to vanquish panic and fear, it allows one to proceed with the courage to create a more organized and balanced life.

This loving peaceful calming stone helps with relaxation inducing a feeling of well-being, happiness, peace and harmony. Keep Dumortierite close to you in your pocket, purse, or bra and harness the power of this amazing and empowering healing stone.

This is a set of (5) small tumbled gemstones with amazing color, sizes and shapes vary.


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